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    Making Roleplay Banners

    Makenna Young

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    Making Roleplay Banners

    Post by Makenna Young on Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:33 pm

    As I'm sure many of you see from my RP plot posts, I enjoy posting RP title banners for my RPs. And you can too, it's easy.

    Simpily go to http://www.bannerfans.com/ to make these fun, personalized banners. You'll need to register, but that takes only 5 minutes max. (Be sure to use your real email, as you must verify your account.)

    After verifying your account, click 'Banners" and then "Make a New Banner". From there it's pretty self explanitory. The only guidelines I have is use the preset banner size. Then, once you upload your background, click the selection "Stretch it to fir my banner." This layout is easiest to work with.

    Once you finish your banner, be sure to click the "Update Banner" button at the bottom of your screen, and then "Save Banner." You must then go through a brief saving process. Once the banner is saved go to "Banners" again, but this time click on the image of your banner, then to "Generate Banner Codes". Scroll down until you see the link called "Code for Direct Link". Copy that code.

    When your posting your RP, enter in the banner by clicking the second picture on the bottom row. Enter the code in the URL box, the number "500" in the width, the number "90" in the height. (Anything bigger gets cut off.)

    And, abracadabra, you have your very on RP banner!

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