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    ϟ The Second War ϟ|Limited|

    Makenna Young

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    ϟ The Second War ϟ|Limited|

    Post by Makenna Young on Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:12 pm

    Fan-Fic Of
    Harry Potter, duh!

    The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years.
    All was well.

    Or maybe that's just what they want you to think. Sure, Harry's scar had settled down, but it's odd, isn't it, that you never hear about Lily Luna Potter's fainting spell later on the day of the epilogue, right after the train pulled out, taking her brothers away, nor how she was in Saint Mungo's in the following monthes. And don't even get me started on her visions, the ones she never told anyone but her favorite cousin, Hugo Weasley, about.

    It's five years after the epilogue, and Hogwarts has a new headmaster after Severus Snape's follower quits his post for a job in the Ministry. This new headmaster, Professor Emauntro DaVilese (dah-vy-lees) is odd, to say the very least. There is no record of him attending Hogwarts, though he continuously insists he was a Slytherin. What's more? He's a Parseltongue. And, little do the students know, he wears the very same ring Harry Potter dropped in the Forbidden Forest oh-so long ago.

    And it gets stranger still...

    On Halloween night, students start disappearing, one by one. The staff goes crazy trying to prevent it, and locate the source, but to no avail. Proffessor DaVilese seems just as worried, but is he really?

    The next generation gang start realizing odd things about their new headmaster, and they reawaken the fabled Dumbledore's Army on the grounds each weekend to try to figure out what's up.

    Lily's visions may have came true....

    1) No god-modding, power-playing, or auto-hitting.
    3) Try to have three non-siblings.
    4) Everyone can control the Hogwarts staff.
    5) Ask for your charries before posting your bios.
    6) Be commited.
    7) At least 5-7 sentences per post.
    8) Romance permitted.
    9) Violence permitted.
    10) Swearing permitted
    11) Have fun!

    Hogwarts Staff
    Headmaster - Emauntro DaVilese
    Transfiguration, Head of Gryffindor, & Deputy Headmistress - Minerva McGonagall
    Charms & Head of Ravenclaw - Filius Flitwick
    Potions & Head of Slytherin - Carmen Shrouce
    Herbology - Neville Longbottom
    DADA - Harold Jenkins
    Care for Magical Creatures - Luna Lovegood
    Divination & Head of Hufflepuff - Sybill Trelwney
    Arithmancy - Ricardo Leonay
    Muggle Studies - Wilma Repp
    Ancient Runes - Lydia Hopkirk
    Gamekeeper - Rubeus Hagrid
    Caretaker - Alfred Wilkens

    Children of Harry & Ginny Potter
    James Sirius (age 17, year 7 [half-blood]) >>>
    Albus Severus "Al" (age 15, year 5 [half-blood]) >>>
    Lily Luna (age 13, year 3 [half-blood]) >>> Makenna

    Children of Ron & Hermione Weasley  
    Rose Weasley (age 15, year 5 [half-blood]) >>>
    Hugo Weasley (age 13, year 3 [half-blood]) >>>

    Children of Bill & Fluer Weasley (Victoire Discluded)
    Dominique (age 15-17, year 5-7 [pureblood]) >>>
    Louis (age 11-14, year 1-4 [pureblood]) >>>

    Children of Percy & Audrey Weasley
    Molly (age 15-17, year 5-7 [pureblood]) >>>
    Lucy (age 11-14, year 1-3 [pureblood]) >>>

    Children of George & Angelina Weasley
    Fred (age 14-17, year 4-7 [half-blood]) >>>
    Roxanna (age 11-13, year 1-3 [half-blood]) >>>

    Children of Luna & Rolf Scamander
    Lorcan (age 11-12, year 1-2 [half-blood]) >>>
    Lysander (age 11-12, year 1-2 [half-blood]) >>>

    Children of Draco & Astoria Malfoy
    Scorpius Hyperion (age 15, year 5 [pureblood]) >>> Makenna

    Emauntro DaVilese >>> Makenna

    Age: (follow seperate ranges)
    Year: (must correspond with age)
    Blood Status:
    Appearance: (keep in mind requirements of epilogue, & the looks of their parents)
    Other: (optional)


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    Re: ϟ The Second War ϟ|Limited|

    Post by VivaFariy on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:51 am

    May I take Rose, Scorpius, and Lysander?

    I realized you took Scorpius, so instead of him, either Albus or James?

    When you respond, I'll post the bios

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