I've struggled to find a decent roleplay site of lately, but none of them seem to have much diversity of topic, or dedicated roleplayers. Imagination Haven is a roleplay site where you can roleplay any topic, and develop the fine art of creativity.

    Imagination Haven Basic Rules

    Makenna Young

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    Imagination Haven Basic Rules

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:18 am

    First off, I'd like to thank you for joining Imagination Haven. The rules aren't very numerous, so worry not. Many are no brainers, but they still must be established.

    1) Absolutely no bullying! We would like to keep this site a safe place to develop and showcase our literary skills. Constructive critisism is okay, but don't let it get out of hand.

    2) No profane pictures, links, etc. Obviously, obscene words are permitted in the RPs themselves, but at no time should there be pornographic pictures associated with this site.

    3) Members must log in and post once a week in order to ensure that no roleplays die. RP requires utmost dedication, so I trust that you all will remain dedicated to the site. Inactive members will be warned twice, but if you don't log in or respond to our emails for a month, your account becomes subject to extermination.

    4) Absolutely no spamming or trolling. Spam is litter that kills off this online world. Spam of any kind will be deketed instantly.

    5) Everyone is welcome here. No matter your beliefs, age, race, gender, or sexuality, you're welcome in Imagination Haven. We will not allow you to be discriminated in any way, and accept you for who you are.

    6) I will be the only Admin on this site. I have difficulty trusting others, for good reason. But I'd rather not go into that, if you don't mind. However, I will have a Mod team.

    7) Do not ask to be a Mod. I will send out a newsletter to you via email when I'm ready to "hire" new Mods. The email will include a list of responsibilities abd qualifications to be a Mod. After that, you must complete an application if you're interested. I will then view all applications and decide who's best suited for the Mod team.

    (Note: You will not recieve newsletters if you have them blocked in your profile. To unblock them, click "Profile", then "Preferences". Scroll down until you see the category "Allow Newsletters". Check the bubble next to "Yes".)

    8)No sharing or asking for addresses, phone numbers, etc. Email exchange is permitted, however. You may also share your last name if you so wish, but be cautious.

    That's it for now. I will update the list and alert you when the addition of more rules becomes necessary. Failure to comply to these may result in being banned from the site or kicked off the Mod team.

    If you have any questions or situations to report, feel free to PM me, or email me at ximaginationhavenx@gmail.com


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