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    Roleplay Rules & Basics

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    Roleplay Rules & Basics

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:06 am

    Even if you have roleplayed on other sites, please read this. There are many types of RP, each with its own unique rules. All members must keep our rules in perspective at all times in order to make our site a success.

    To start, I'd like to establish the meaning of several RP classifications and terms.

    OCC / OOC - out of character conversation / out of character
    IC - in character
    Limited - only a certain amount of RPers may join
    Unlimited - an unlimited amount of RPers can join at any point in the RP
    Semi-Limited - any amount of RPers may join in a set timeframe
    1x1 - for two RPers
    1x1x1 - for three RPers
    Open - slots remain
    Closed - all slots are full
    TS - time skip
    OP - opening post; first IC post in an RP, done by the RP owner
    Charrie - a character in an RP
    Bioskelly, Bio Format, Bio Skeleton, etc. - charrie information sheet

    When making an RP of your own, it is necessary to name the Plot, your rules (if any), charries, and the Bio Format. (Intros and Inspiration is also allowed)

    Basic Bios should look as follows:
    Name: (full)
    Age: (age range here)
    Appearance: (pic and/or description)
    Personality: (minimum amount of sentences here)
    Background: (see above)
    Other: (optional)

    Please note that categories can be taken or added to a bioskelly depending on the requirements of an RP. If you're new to RP, it may help if you base your first charrie on yourself. Once you become more experienced, you can have more complex charries.

    Also, when placing your RP, be mindful of the RP genres. Many RPs will be more than one genre, so just try to place it in the genre you believe describes your RP best. A Mod will move it to the relevant section if it is irrelevant. The only genre that gets put before the others is fan-fic. If an RP is using the characters of an existing book or movie, it MUST be put in the fan-fiction section, as to credit the maker of the book or movie for the original thing. As for Paranormal and Supernatural, Paranormal is for ghosts only, Supernatural for witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, etc.

    Now that all that's out of the way, let us move on to roleplay rules for this site. I know they seem difficult to follow, but I assure you that it will become second nature soon enough. This is how I learned originally, and though I've found there are many other RP methods that are more convienient, this is easily the way that allows maximum enjoyment and development.

    1) No god-modding, power-playing, or auto-hitting. In other words, no controling another RPers charrie without their expressed permission, which must be sent to me by them.

    2) Literacy is of the essence. One to three liners are in no way acceptable. Posts should be at the very least 5 to 7 good lines  although the occasional writer's block is understandable. After all, it happens to the best of us.

    3) Grammar, grammar, GRAMMAR! Please have decent, decipherable grammar at all times. Don't get careless when you type, and always double check your post for errors.

    4) Txtn tlk, ChAiN tAlK, etc, is in no way acceptable at any time, unless your charrie is texting or recieving a text.

    5) Dedication is the key to success. Any RPs not posted in for a week will have the owner alerted. After a month of inactivity, the roleplay will be moved to the archives.

    6) Have sentences with good structure. We're writers, underdeveloped sentences are below us. Try to vary your word choice.

    7) Have an expansive vocabulary. Try not to use basic, everyday words. Try new variations.

    8)Don't just post your charrie's words. Post their thoughts, feelings, actions, etc, as well.

    9) Use third person. This way, other RPers can check the name of your charrie at a glance to avoid confusion.

    10) Girls can have boy charries and vice versa. In fact, sometimes it's good to RP both genders.

    11) Ask to join the RP by saying ((Girl)), ((Boy)),  or ((Double)) before posting your bio. Wait for the owner of the RP to reply ((Accepted)).

    12) Doubling permitted, though an RP owner can say that there's no doubling in their RP if they wish.

    13) Complete and submit your bios within a week following your acceptance into the RP. You don't want to make your fellow RPers wait.

    14) Use proper punctuation. There should never be a post with only one punctuation mark. It makes you look sloppy and inexperienced.

    15) When talking out of charrie in an IC, use ((brackets)), [[brackets]], {{brackets}}, or ||brackets||.

    16) All is fair in love and war. RP needs drama to be a success. Don't feel offended if another charrie is cruel to your own. Work with it. Swearing of charries, romance, and violence are all permitted in RP.

    17) No adult content! Vague sex references are okay, but no graphically sexual RPs. If your charries are gonna get busy, please know when to TS. Never describe the full affair.

    18) No copying other RPs. You can base an RP on another RPer's RP, but get them to send me their expressed permission first.

    19) Stay together. Although everyone's required to be commited, if two people in an RP are online, don't get too far ahead or the others will feel forgotten.

    20) Respect the rules set by the RP owner. They may set special, more RP specific rules of their own, so know and respect them!

    21) The RP owner reserves the right to ask you to leave the RP at any time, with reason. To file for having an RPer removed from the RP, the owner must submit their complaints and reasoning to me, and I'll take care of it from there.

    22) The RP owner reserves the right to ask you to expand upon your bio or post. This helps keep the RPs rich with information. It's not an insult, it's constructive critisism.

    Any questions or sugestions, feel free to PM me, or email me at ximaginationhavenx@gmail.com


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