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    An Old Home, A New Home |Unlimited|

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    An Old Home, A New Home |Unlimited|

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:27 pm

    - Plot -
    It's the year 9089.
    The extinction of mankind has long been over.
    Or so they all think....

    A team of Hephlanian aliens come to investigate Earth.
    They've long since heard rumors of the wild place on their home planet, Hephla.
    The rumors are frightening, but they hold faith in their own bravery.

    The Hephlanians wish to establish a colony on Earth, should something ever happen to Hephla.
    The planets are much alike, both suitable for Hephlanian inhabitation.
    There's just one problem...

    A few humans live on in a small village they call Safehouse.
    They have no clue how they survived, nor how they've lived for so long.
    And they, like the animals and terrain around them, are potentially dangerous.

    - Rules -
    1)No god-modding!
    2) Be as commited as possible. Tell me if you won't be on for a while so we can work around your character.
    3) Have half decent grammar.
    4) Romance permitted. Arrange couples if you wish.
    5) Swearing permitted. (Duh!)
    6) Doubling permitted. Please take one from each species, different genders, unless I specify otherwise.
    7) Have at least 5-7 sentences or lines per post.
    8) Have fun!

    - Participants -




    Bioskelly A : Human Charries
    Name: (first and last)
    Age: (looks 13-18)
    Appearance: (pic and/or description)
    Personality: (3 sentence minimum, please)
    Background: (See Above)
    Other: (optional)

    Bioskelly B : Hephlanian Charries
    Name: (fist and last; Be creative! Remember: they're from another planet.)
    Age: (13-18)
    Human Appearance: (pic and/or description)
    Normal Appearance: (See Above; Remember: Somewhat unworldly!)
    Role in Colonization: (Be creative! [Ex] builder, scout, warrior, etc.)
    Personality: (3 sentence minimum, please)
    Background: (See Above)
    Other: (optional)

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