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    † Prisoners of War †|Open|Limited|

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    † Prisoners of War †|Open|Limited|

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:38 pm

    It's the year 4039, and World War Five is in session.
    People are neglecting their countries to fight over matters of opinion that are divided amongst each country.

    The two sides of the war are the Lecrouse Army and the Regulan Army, each named for their leaders.

    The Lecrouse Army is of respectful nature, for they only kill when necessary.
    The Regulans, however, have quite the blood lust, and they'll do anything to get a surrender out of the Lecrouses.

    That's how they decided to take those who are dear to the Lecrouse soldiers.
    The deal is, to set the prisoners free, the Lecrouse who cares so much for them must give all his supplies and weaponry to the Regulan who captured them, then kneel at his feet. The Regulan will then shoot the Lecrouse through the head with his own weapon, all while the loved one watches.
    Then they are set free.

    Many of these captured citizens are abused.
    The men and boys are forced to work for the Regulans.
    The women and girls are forced to clean and cook, and are often pulled into bedchambers by Regulan soldiers.

    Many of the captured quit fighting.
    They just go with it.

    But these five are different.
    They fight in little way: in resistance.
    And who knows?
    They might just end the war.

    1) No god-modding!!!
    2) Ask before submitting your bio.
    3) Have decent grammar.
    4) No one-liners please. Have at least five lines or so.
    5) ONE CHARRIE PER RPER!!! (Unless I tell you otherwise.)
    6) Be as commited as possible.
    7) Swearing allowed.
    8 ) Romance allowed. Pre-arrange couples if necessary.
    9) If a Regulan takes a prisoner into the bedchambers, please know when to TS. Don't get too graphic.
    10) Have fun!

    Charrie Slots
    Makenna (Me)

    Name: (first & last)
    Age: (14-26)
    Relation to Lecrouse Soldier: (Ex. spouse, sibling, friend, etc.)
    Appearance: (pic, please)
    Personality: (3 sentence minimum, please)
    Background: (see above)
    Other: (optional)

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