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    ~*The Hunted*~|Open|Limited|

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    ~*The Hunted*~|Open|Limited|

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:39 pm

    Altoppia is one of the most successful Utopias (perfect societys) in history. They have been going strong since 5187, when the founder, Pren Altop, designed its revolutionary government and life strategies when it was needed most. For the early 5000s were a dark time for the world. Animals and plants go extinct, diseases took over, wars sprouted from nowhere, crime rates sky-rocketed, and your life expectancy was only 30, at the very most. Women were rare, marraige no longer persisted. All women fifteen and over were expected to bear a child to a different man every two years, in order to keep human race from extinction. Children were raised in homes kept by Unbearables, women no longer able to bear children for whatever reason.
    So was life before Altoppia.

    Pren Altop's Utopia was very structured, very strict. It has only one hundred cities, scattered about what was previously eastern US and Canada. (The western areas are too overrun by wild animals for inhabitance.) Each city was not labeled by name, but by number. The first settled would be one, second settled would be two, and so on up until  one hundred. The cities are enclosed by tall walls on all sides, keeping the animals out and the citizens in. It is impossible to see the tops of these walls, even from the tallest building in your city. Women are still hard to come by, but marraige is permitted as long as the women bears three children (at least) in her lifetime if she is healthy enought to do so. This is an improvement from pre-Altoppia life, as women there were forced to have children even in horrible health, usually to the point where the woman died before her time. Children are raised by their parents until age five, when they go off to the city's school, where the learn obediance, acedemic, and more under threat of violence until the child has all creativity and independence stomped out of them. (Starting to see the imperfections?) Of course, it keeps them from getting dangerous ideas, keeping humans alive, but by the time they graduate at age sixteen, they are no more than robots who have no memory of parents and nurture. Travel consists only of monorails, which entangle themselves feet above the city. Men work in farming (there are fields surronding the main city, within the walls of course), construction and demolition, women in childcare, and sewing. No doctors are in the cities, as the deadly sick are removed from their city and never seen again. Life expectancy sky-rockets to 85, the age where even those in decent health die mysteriously in their sleep.

    Each city is governed by a governor, a man or woman who never marries, instead dedicating thei life to their city. The hundred governors all report back to a president, who keeps track of all ongoings throughout Altoppia. The president is assisted by many  loyal advisors, many of whom have great intelligence. All of these politicians and the school masters and mistresses (teachers) make up the Akillyel (meaning loyal intelligent one), the humans who's mindset is not beat out of them in their school years. When it becomes aparent that a child is an Akillyel, they are removed from school, and taken to the president, who offers them a position in his/her rule in exchange for loyalty. If the child accepts, they are labeled Akillyel, a title only the Akillyel know of. If the child does not accept, they are now an outlaw called a Maridlyel (meaning rebellious intelligent one), who is then killed most painfully. Occasionally Akillyels who were once loyal change their loyalty, becoming Maridlyels, and thereby sentencing themselves to death.

    However, a few Maridlyels manage to excape the Presidential City (basically City #101, except it's made up of Akillyels who have a much better life then the typical citizens), escaping into the wilderness as outlaws. Other Akillyels who are trained to hunt down Maridlyels leave after them, trying to bring them back to the Presidential City where their death sentence will commence.

    The Maridlyels have their own agenda, though. Of course, they eventually meet up with others like themselves, resulting in groups of allies, if not friends. These groups aim to bring down Altoppia for good, perfect though it may be in the eyes of many. For this is a society which kills its sick and elderly, forces women to bear children, and destoys hopes and dreams. Such a society must be destroyed. For good.

    You are one of a group of Maridlyels, striving towards your goal, yet avoiding the Hunters, difficult though that may be. You must stay alive to stay together, and stay together to stay alive.

    1) No god-modding, power-playing, or auto-hitting.
    2) Doubling permitted, as long as you take one boy, one girl.
    3) Be as commited as possible. Post almost everyday you're on and there's a new reply, please, or else you're just holding others back. If you're going to be away for a while, so be it, just tell me ahead of time.
    4) If you fail to post often without notice, I will extract you from the RP, probably through your character getting killed. I do not wish to do so, but failure to post results in holding other, dedicated RPers back.
    5) Violence permitted. You may have a charrie of yours die if you wish, but I'm not requiring you to do so.
    6) Swearing permitted. Just * the vowels, please.
    7) Romance permitted. Pre-arrange couples if necessarym, and if the pair gets busy, plese TS.
    8) Like always, ask for your charrie prior to posting your bio.
    9) Have decent grammar. This being only semi-lit, I'm not too hung up on you writing a novel for each post, but grammar needs to be decent.
    10) Have fun!

    Charrie Slots
    Girl - Makenna
    Girl - [Open]
    Girl - [Open]
    Girl - [Optional]
    Boy - Makenna
    Boy - [Open]
    Boy - [Open]
    Boy - [Optional]

    Name: (full)
    Age: (13-16 if outright refusual; 17-19 is they were once loyal)
    Appearance: (pic and/or description)
    City of Former Residence: (1-100)
    Other: (optional)

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