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    ۵ Love, Passion, & Prison ۵ |Unlimited|

    Makenna Young

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    ۵ Love, Passion, & Prison ۵ |Unlimited|

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:41 pm

    Gellard's Prison for Young Delinquents is home to many a teen who strayed onto the wrong path. It is a place for therapy, learning, and to keep them out of trouble.

    Yet they always seem to get in trouble again.

    This particular group meet one another at lunch one day, and they take interest in one another. Gradually they come to consider each other friends, and start to develop talents unique to each of them.

    This is the story of a group of outlawed youth trying to get their life back on track, yet not truly wanting to do so.

    Prison Description
    The prison is shaped like an upside down T from the entrance side.
    The entrance is a metal gateway in a ten foot tall wall that wraps around the prison and is topped with barbed wire.

    Once you walk inside the doors, you are in the lobby.
    One hall branches off the left, one on the right, and one continues straight.

    The gym is on the first floor to the left, as is the cafeteria, library, and weight room.
    The other two halls are full of simple classrooms for schooling.

    There are two staircases: one down the lefts hall, and one down the right.

    The second floor is inmate dorms.
    Each inmate gets their own dorm, for safety reasons.
    The girls dorms are to the left, the boys to the right.
    The genders aren't to have access to the opposite gender's dorms.
    Each dorm hall has a laundromat.
    The center hall houses the confinement dorms, for inmates who have earned themselves punishments.

    Third floor is staff quarters.

    Out back there is a track, soccer field, baseball/softball field, tennis and basketball courts, and a pool.
    There are no football fields for obvious reason.

    Dorm Content
    Each usual dorm consists of a silver metal framed bed with navy blue sheets, an oak wood night stand with a lamp and digital clock on it, a bureau (dresser with mirror) with ten drawers, also of oak wood, and a metal desk with a desk lamp on it and three drawers. They also have laptop computers, which only have access to Word programs for schoolwork, and the library catalog.

    Each dorm also has a bathrrom with a tub, shower, toilet, and sink iwth marble top.

    Confinement dorms have the bed and a trunk.
    That's it.

    Prison Rules & Consequences
    1) All classes will be attended everyday on time, lest one wishes for extra homework and detention.
    2) Uniforms must be worn how they are supposed to be worn, lest one wants landromat rights temporarily extinguished.
    3) Respect will be given to prison staff, lest one wants extra counseling.
    4) All homework will be completed and turned in on time, lest one wishes for extra and a pop quiz.
    5) Weekly counseling sessions will be attended to their fullest, lest one wishes for extra.
    6) No sex, lest one wishes for month long confinement and daily doctor examinations.
    7) No weaponry of any kind, lest one wishes for month long confinement.
    8) No trying to kill yourself, lest one wishes for month long confinement and daily couseling sessions.
    9) At no time should one be **** outside of their dorm, lest they wish for baggier/bigger clothing.

    ~ Girls ~
    - gray & navy plaid skirt, just above knees
    - navy socks, right below knees
    - black Mary-Janes
    - navy 3/4 length sleeved undershirt
    - gray no sleeve overshirt, v-neck
    - navy neckerchief with silver slider
    - nightwear: long white nightgown
    - gym / exercise attire: short sleeved gray shirt, blue sports pants

    ~ Boys ~
    - navy dress pants, long
    - black socks, normal long sock length
    - black dress shoes
    - long-sleeved navy under shirt
    - no sleeved gray overshirt; sweater material
    - navy & gray plaid tie
    - nightwear: white button-up nightshirt & white nightpants
    - gym / exercise attire: short sleeved gray shirt, blue sports pants

    1) No god-modding.
    2) I would like each reason for imprisonment to be different, each talet a little unique.
    3) Romance permitted. Pre-arrange couples if necessary.
    4) Swearing permitted.
    5) Doubling permitted, if you have one boy one girl.
    6) One liners are NOT satisfactory most of the time. If your charrie's conversing with another and just sitting or something, I understand.
    7) Be as commited as possible, post everyday you are online. If for whatever reason you cannot get online for a long period of time, contact me so we can work around your character.
    8) Have fun!

    ~ Girls ~
    Makenna (Crime: murder ; Passion: public speaking/presenting)

    ~ Boys ~
    Makenna (Crime: rape ; Passion: inventing)

    Name: (full)
    Age: (13-18)
    Excuse for Crime: (be creative)
    Passion/Talent: (only one, be creative)
    Appearance: (pic and/or description)
    Personality: (can be brief)
    Background: (see above)
    Other: (optional)


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    Re: ۵ Love, Passion, & Prison ۵ |Unlimited|

    Post by VivaFariy on Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:08 am

    Name: Tamar Liswa
    Age: 14
    Crime: Arson (willfully setting fire to a building or a wooded area and killing someone in the process)
    Excuse for Crime: She made it sound as if she was dumb and didn't really understand what she was doing. Her story was that she had been fire dancing, which she wasn't good at, and it happened by mistake. Also, in the end she mumbled "He was about to commit murder and then suicide. Oh, and the earth needs fire to survive...." She seemed so gullible, so they took her here instead of death penalty.
    Passion/Talent: Deception
    Appearance: Tamar has medium length, straight, strawberry blonde hair. She's a bit on the taller side. Her eyes are blue-green, and she has bushy eyebrows. Her nose is round, and so is her face. Her lips are plum red.
    Personality: Tamar isn't easy to talk to because she doesn't make much sense. She also doesn't care much about others. She'll have random times of excitement (like ADD), and it happens a lot if she sees fire. She is very convincing and can easily trick you with her deceptive mind. Tamar is very unique. She also likes witchcraft, lights, and metal.
    Background: Tamar's parents never raised her right. They were extremely young parents, and were always partying. Tamar grew up a little sick in the head. Her favorite thing as a kid had always been fire - it fascinated her. When she grew older she illegally started lighting things aflame, and learning how to do things that are playing with fire. Throw fire torches, poi with fire, and she was trying to learn to fire dance.
    Other: Though at first she seems really weird, she's actually sweet, creative, unique, special, and fun.

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