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    -+-+- The Power Speil -+-+-|Unlimited|

    Makenna Young

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    -+-+- The Power Speil -+-+-|Unlimited|

    Post by Makenna Young on Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:38 pm

    The Hunger Games

    In a country called Inzania, there are 12 provinces, plus the capital province of Calbara. Calbara is where the goverment is, and where the rich people, including President Winston and the Speil Officers, live.

    In all the provinces apart from Calbera, food is scarce and the people are poor. Sometimes, when a couple has a child, they can't afford to keep him/her, and the Speil Officers purchase the child and they are raised in Calbera as a Speiling. All is well.

    All is well, that is, until the child turns 13. Then the Speilings become elgible for the Power Speil, an event held from the first of May until the last day of August. For the Speil, Speilings (that is, purchased children) ranging from 13 to 18 are placed in a drawing. On the first of April, so many children are drawn. The chosen Speilings must participate in the Power Speil.

    Their whole life Speilings had had two "parents:" one female nurse, and a male trainer. The nurse nousishes the Speilings, keeping them healthy and happy. The trainer trains the Speiling for the Speil, something the Speilings know they are elgible for.

    The Power Speil is held to remind the provinces that Calbera weilds power. In the Speil, the chosen Speilings are given a weapon of their choice and a small water bottle. They then have to survive in a vast arena for the four months they inhabit it. The survivors are given money and honor. No matter how many still live, they all get the honor, but the more survivors, the lesser amount for each. That way, the Speilings procede to attempt to kill one another.

    But this year, the 50th Speil, is different. The Speilings have a plan to all survive and get back at Calbera. But this years arena is harder than ever. Will they survive it?

    1) All RP rules.
    2) No god-modding.  
    3) Despite this RP being Hunger Games based, I would prefer if no deaths occur. Injuries are okay.
    4) You may double. If you do, however, it must be one boy one girl.
    5) I'll alert you via PM when we start.
    6) Be as commited as possible. If you fall behind, it will be hard to catch up.
    7) Swearing allowed.
    8 ) Romance allowed. Pre-arrange couples if possible.
    9) No need to ask permisssion to join. Just post your bio(s) with your name at the bottom so that I can add you to the list.

    Name: (first and last)
    Age: (13-18)
    Appearance: (link and/or description)
    Weapon: (only ONE)
    Personality: (It doesn't have to be long as long as your short selection is descriptive.)
    Background: (See Above)
    Other: (optional)


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    Re: -+-+- The Power Speil -+-+-|Unlimited|

    Post by VivaFariy on Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:41 am

    Name: Molly Petunia Medbury
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Molly has shoulder length, curly, almond brown hair. During the Speil, she pulls it back in a pony-tail with two bobby pins in the front to keep back her bangs. Her eyes are dark brown. She has high cheekbones, a heart-shaped face, and full lips. Her skin is pale. Molly is medium weight, and medium height.
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow ((or I can change it to a slingshot, since they are similar))
    Personality: Molly is a hyper girl. She is very friendly, and always asking questions. She is very much a people-person. But when growing up as a Speiling, she became more serious, and very witty and cheeky.
    Background: Her parents could not care for her because they had three other children. They were struggling to keep them, because they didn't want them to become Speilings. When they had to give Molly Petunia away, they cried. And when she was picked, they cried and cried and cried and told the other children "she would have been your sister", making them cry too. Molly was always asking questions as a child, which was not accepted. This, and all the things she dislikes about Calbara, made her into the serious, witty, and cheeky girl she is today.
    Other: You can call her Molly, Molly Petunia, or Petunia, she doesn't mind.
    She hates the taste of water.

    Is this good? I will continue to develop her as we role play.


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    Re: -+-+- The Power Speil -+-+-|Unlimited|

    Post by InForTheKill on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:52 am

    Name: Doven Tabatha
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Long silver hair that she allows to go over her shoulders whenever it's convenient, and even when it's not. She usually wears black clothing, and it's hard to tell if her eyes are violet or red. No one knows. Makes most people scared of her. She seems unusually pale, and is five feet, seven inches. Is decently thin, but her arms have visible girl-muscle.
    Weapon: Scythe and chain.
    Personality: Quiet and dark. She usually avoids people, but tends to get a bit friendly if you give off the same black aura she does. Her friendly side will joke around [u]only[u] when no one is within earshot. She is a very down-to-earth girl, who protects her friend's back during the day, being like a spy during the night. She is prepared to make a camp for this as soon as it starts, and not only win, but monopolize.
    Background: She was given away just because her parents didn't like her, and were dead set on money. That was the only reason they didn't kill her immediately. But at the time her parents were already raising one son, and he always snuck in to see her. Her nurse and trainer treat him like family, knowing that one person to trust was good for young Doven. But he had mysteriously disappeared a month before the tournament, and Doven misses him. But now she is ready to hack and slash her way to victory, and go and find her brother.
    Other: Is allergic to honey. She has advisers in her mind, and they come out whenever she needs them. So no, she is not talking to herself.  Wink 

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    Re: -+-+- The Power Speil -+-+-|Unlimited|

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